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  • Catholic Coffee
  • Catholic Coffee
  • Catholic Coffee
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  • Catholic Coffee
  • Catholic Coffee
  • Catholic Coffee
  • Catholic Coffee
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  • Catholic Coffee
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Catholic Coffee

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Be inspired by the lives of the saints and energized by our coffee. We combine each of our delicious coffees with an extraordinary saint, making every roast a special treat for any Catholic who loves quality coffee.

- 12 oz. bag
- Ground coffee
- Fresh, ethically-sourced coffee beans
- Roasted, packaged, and shipped by hand in the USA

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexican Mocha - In honor of Mary, Our Mother, we’ve created Mexican Mocha, a roast reminiscent of traditional Mexican hot chocolate, a flavor as warm and comforting as a mother’s embrace.

Medium Roast | From Mexico

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Salted Caramel - To honor Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we've created a delicious Salted Caramel blend, with a sweet and subtle flavor that provides the perfect way to start your day.

Medium Roast | From Honduras

Sleeping St. Joseph - This vibrant decaf dark roast won’t disturb your sleep, but will let you rest under the watchful eye of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church.

Decaf Dark Roast | From Columbia

St. Benedict Dark Chocolate Hazelnut - In honor of this quiet man whose motto was "Ora et Labora," "Prayer & Work," we present a coffee capturing the immense satisfaction of a long day's labors, and the reward of the respite afterward. With a sweet milk chocolate flavor, brightened by hazelnuts, this is a rich and gratifying blend that any coffee-lover will enjoy. 

Medium Roast | Ethically sourced beans

St. Drogo - This blend honors St. Drogo, Patron Saint of Coffee. This Ethiopian blend features the strength of a dark roast and the smoothness of a medium roast. Semi-sweet chocolate and heavy dark berry notes offer an enriching influence in the delicious flavor profile, featuring the berries St. Drogo may have eaten as a hermit living from the land and the hand of God. Honoring the Patron Saint of Coffee, it makes a distinctive cup and a delicious gift of devotion.

Medium Roast | From Ethiopia

St. Dymphna Half-Caff - This 50/50 blend of Peruvian and Decaf Colombian beans honors St. Dymphna. It's moderated caffeine content will give you a boost during daytime but allow you to relax and sleep at night. A smooth and approachable medium blend with pleasant notes of nuttiness and lemongrass, the flavor features medium body and acidity that leaves the bitterness behind, with a quick conclusion after each sip.

Medium Roast | From Peru & Columbia

St. Joan of Arc French Roast - Our dark, rich French blend honors the boldness of St. Joan of Arc, patron saint of France. Made from beans that were grown, processed, roasted, and packaged all by the hands of women at the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA), this blend honors the girl heroine who liberated her country from oppression. Hints of dark chocolate and fig will warm your heart and soul with every sip.

Dark Roast | From Honduras

St. John Paul II - In a nod to JP II, this Peruvian blend is bold, but leaves the bitterness behind, with a semi-sweet chocolate finish. The flavor profile features notes of fresh cedar that celebrate his love of the great outdoors, where he found God in creation. A symbolic and fitting tribute to an incredible man of God, and a comforting and delicious cup for any Catholic coffee lover.
Dark Roast | From Peru

St. Michael the Archangel - St. Michael the Archangel defends us, at God’s command, from Satan—who is tireless in his quest to tempt souls away from Christ. But St. Michael never tires, either. He charges into battle with us each time we invoke his aid to resist temptation.

This savory dark roast evokes the robust and indomitable strength of St. Michael, our ally in the fight against the devil. Bold with mild almond and citrus notes.

Dark Roast | From Nicaragua

St. Nicholas Christmas Blend - Keep Christ in Christmas this holiday season by sampling and gifting Catholic Coffee. A mug of piping hot St. Nicholas Christmas Blend™ will warm you up on Christmas morning with delightful flavor notes of dark chocolate, roasted chestnut, and stone fruit. A tasty and festive way to celebrate the Christmas season with friends and family.
Medium Roast | From Peru, Malawi and Ethiopia

St. Padre Pio Espresso Roast - To honor Padre Pio, the great patron saint of Italy, we’ve created a deep, rich espresso roast, bursting with Italian-inspired flavor and finished with a hint of sweetness. Distinct dark cherry notes paired with chocolate create a rich and unique shot of espresso or pot of coffee.
Dark Roast | From Peru & Ethiopia

St. Patrick Irish Cream Roast - St. Patrick is called the “Apostle of Ireland”. Enslaved by Irish pirates for six years of his youth he returned as a missionary and converted nearly the entire country to Christianity, establishing over 300 churches and baptizing more than 100,000 Irish.

In honor of the patron saint of Ireland, we’ve crafted our Irish Cream coffee. Enjoy this silky smooth medium roast, with tasty sweet tones that is perfect for St. Paddy’s Day and beyond.

Medium Roast | From Honduras

St. Peter Parish Roast - The St. Peter Parish Roast is smooth, balanced…and perfect for all tastes. A daily reminder that we’re all united under the Catholic Church. When you pour yourself a cup of St. Peter Parish Roast, you'll enjoy a balanced body and acidity with a smooth, quick finish.
Medium Roast | From Honduras

St. Therese of Lisieux Light Roast - This light roast is brewed in honor of St. Therese, a reminder that you don’t have to be strong to be good. Bright with notes of citrus, hibiscus, and lemongrass.
Light Roast | From Peru

St. Thomas Aquinas Roasted Honey - As a tribute to the sweet and divinely inspired words of the Angelic Doctor, this bright coffee begins with notes of lemongrass, and features a floral-forward, wildflower honey flavor. But it's not just the taste that's angelic. The floral aroma is nothing short of a mild perfume, melding with the rich, honeyed fragrance, & finishing with notes of caramel. Its smooth and comforting profile is reminiscent of a rich herbal tea. 

Medium Roast | Ethically sourced beans

St. Valentine Raspberry White Mocha - Catholic tradition has long honored St. Valentine as the patron saint of romance and courtly love. This aromatic blend is bursting with juicy raspberry and notes of vanilla and white mocha. It's a delicious way to show your loved ones you care!

Medium Roast | From Honduras
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