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Introducing Santa's Kindness Ornament and Journal

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Introducing Santa's Kindness Ornament and Journal

Santa needs your help spreading kindness and cheer. With the Santa's Kindness Ornament, children will receive video messages from Santa!

A Season Full of Kindness!
We are so excited about a new product that is set to arrive any day - and we couldn't think of a better time to announce it than on Christmas in July!

The Santa's Kindness Ornament and Journal is a child’s direct link to receive daily video messages from Santa! After scanning the ornament with a phone or tablet, Santa appears on screen and asks children for help sharing acts of kindness, goodness, care and giving. Scan the ornament several times a day for a few surprises from the North Pole.


See Santa For Yourself!

Santa’s Kindness Ornament was created to enhance in-person connections and encourage screen-free together-time after the child sees and hears Santa. Children are inspired to hug, nurture, help and give based on caring guidance from Santa.


How It Works: